The origin of the princess named Snow White

Once upon a time in a certain kingdom, on a Christmas day, the sky was covered with snow, and there was a queen sewing by the window.

The queen missed her husband and looked a little absently at the poetic scenery outside the glossy black ebony window, carelessly letting a sewing needle pierce her hand. And three drops of red blood fell, imprinted with bold lipstick on the white snow. Looking at the bright red striking on the snow, the queen pondered:

– I wish I had a beautiful daughter, skin as white as snow, lips as red as vermilion, hair as black as ebony, that would be great.
The origin of the princess named Snow White

It was wonderful, because it was a sincere wish at Christmas, so at night Santa appeared and helped the Queen's wish come true.

Exactly 9 months and 10 days later, she gave birth to a daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as vermilion and hair as black as ebony. She named her daughter Snow White.

One year after Snow White was born, the king returned victorious after 3 long years of fighting.

The king was surprised and asked the queen:

- Where is Snow White?

The queen innocently replied:

- A gift from Santa Claus.

The king was very angry, and immediately ordered "Santa Claus" to be wanted throughout the kingdom. And Snow White's adventurous life also begins here.